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Fairness & RNG Testing Methods

Bahsine takes game fairness seriously. There is always transparency over how games are played and what are our processes. For this reason, each game provider always goes through a verification process before they are integrated into our site.

Each game provider that appears in our site has been thoroughly reviewed and tested towards the specifications they have provided for their games. Testing is performed from official authorities and not by us directly. Each test should have a unique number and only documents issued by the official authorities are accepted. The provider has to attach specifications, testing results as well as any licenses for the games.

Additionally, we also have certain processes in place to make sure that we meet high standards. Such processes include, but are not limited to:

RNG Hardware license

If a random number generator (RNG) device is used for a game, we ask from the game provider to provide its specifications and license for reviewing before getting involved in any other forms of business.

Periodically reviewing game statistics

We periodically examine game statistics in order to see how the games keep up with their specification. This action is performed directly from us, without the need to be initiated by a player. If we find that a game is not meeting specifications in the long run, a report is sent to the game provider. Based on the outcome of the report, we might remove the game from play or completely ban the provider. This is a continuous operation.

Keep game versions up to date

We try to keep game versions up to date. This way you can always be sure that you play the latest version of the games, with the latest features and security patches.

Report problems early to providers

Any problem that is reported to us that is related to a game, will always be forwarded to the provider. Based on the severity of the problem, further actions might be taken.

Deactivate games that are not meeting the standards

If a game that is not meeting the standards is found, due to a bug or any other issue, it will be removed from play. Games removed from play are only activated again on our platform if there is proof that the issue has been resolved.

The specifications for each provider can be found below. Please note that the list found below might not be final. As new providers are integrated, it might take some time for us to update this document. Thus, if you find any inconsistency please report it at support@trigonongroup.com.

Due to routine maintenance, some of our services may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience